New Building


Canvi d’us


Eixample Esquerra, Barcelona


Step by step Habitatges


6.782 m2






Projecting a residential building in the Eixample of Barcelona more than 150 years after the implementation of the Cerdà Plan obliges us to focus on those aspects of the project that are further away from the stereotypes of the Eixample. Among them, how the building should be conceived to adapt to the new needs of the 21st century and at the same time how its facades will have to talk and respect so many years of history. And this will become even more complex as it is the conversion of a pre-existing office building into homes.

In the conception of the facades we want to express this reconciling intention. On the one hand, as we found in the traditional buildings, the two facades have their own character; the street façade, more sober, and subjected to the strict regulation of the Eixample regulations, uses sliding door slats to filter light and gaze towards the large interior balconies that work from the midpoint between the hardness of the street and the interior of the house; The facade on the island courtyard, with a more domestic character, retrieves the traditional wooden blinds in the galleries and the green of Barcelona.
Designed very far from the traditional buildings of the Eixample, the pre-existing building was the result of a period where priority was given to economic profitability, optimization and maximum use of space and simplicity and constructive cost, although this subject the conditions of comfort and habitability of the spaces.

However, despite this differentiated character, the two facades maintain a common modulation and show, in the most sincere way, the inherited stone structure that composes them, marked by the edges of pillars and forged, which vertebrate the facade forming a homogeneous pattern of niches, the finish of which will be more or less opaque according to the interior program.

En aquest projecte, llegim aquestes dues èpoques i en busquem els aspectes on conflueixen; mantenint i inclús emfatitzant l’ordre i expressivitat estructural de l’edifici preexistent però a la vegada recuperant alguns dels elements que defineixen els edificis de l’Eixample tradicional com les galeries, els elements sortints i les obertures verticals.

La volumetria i estructura existent, que es manté, la separem en dos volums, buidant una gran franja central de mitgera a mitgera que conformarà el nucli vertical i dos grans patis que permetran la ventilació creuada i aportació de llum natural en dues façanes de tots els habitatges. Les dues últimes plantes de l’edifici es reculen per tal de disminuir l’agressivitat de l’edifici existent i afavorir la creació de terrasses.


The building’s program, of PB + 9, consists of 36 houses, distributed from the first floor, and a premises with cross-ventilation on the ground floor facing Viladomat street. They distinguish up to 5 types of housing, all of them enjoy cross-ventilation, with wet areas grouped and perimeter allowing the most popular areas to be developed taking advantage of the maximum amplitude of the main façade and surroundings in the interior galleries.

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