Sant Jordi


598 m2






The project consists in the rehabilitation and expansion of an existing building between medianeras located in the heart of the district of Sants de Barcelona.The intervention is based on the preservation of the original composition and structure of the building, and the expansion of the volume with the construction of a new floor plan.

In the basement floor there is an open space that occupies all the depth of the plot closely linked to the outer patio, which maximizes a great flexibility of uses, in which a coworking and rest area will be located for Workers, for potential the common space and the relationship between the workers.

The Baixa plant is redistributed and a great emptiness is made to create a single flexible and shared work space.

A sincere space, leaving in the visual evidence all the elements that make up it, conduits, installation tubes, structural components, material pre-existences and new elements that coexist according to the industrial aspect that deserves the space.

Large openings on the facade and roof skylights are created, maximizing the interior and exterior link, and providing natural lighting and ventilation.

The two floors (one existing one and the other one of new construction) are distributed with two independent houses located one on each floor. The vertical communication of the building is resolved by means of a vertical core formed by an open staircase to an existing patio of light and in direct contact with the original masonry of masonry and work seen, that communicates all the plants and the different activities that are developed in the building.
The material objective of the rehabilitation is to keep to the maximum the existing constructive elements, modifying only those that have lost the structural capacity. This brings about a material contrast between the old and the modern, and between the original solutions and finishes versus the new ones, putting in value the simplicity of the traditional architecture.
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